Teaching International English Grammar

Key Action 1: Learning Mobility of Individuals

A Mobility project for education staff within the framework of ERASMUS +


Teaching International English Grammar – easy, fast & stimulating

A five-day seminar, suitable for all English teachers worldwide, whether they teach English to adults or children, as a first or second language.

A new approach to international English Grammar:

a new grammar that fits onto a business card;

plus a new, stimulating way to teach it.

Traditional English Grammar is a jungle of forms, countless rules and confusing Latin names. Not so here. This seminar instead presents the new International English grammar by Yuken Duit.

Yuken Duit offers:

Sentence formation (statements, questions, negations and stresses) in all times and tenses on a single business card. That means: All that an international student has to know about English grammar – fits onto one (and only one) business card. Grammar becomes something you can put into your wallet or on the back of your mobile.

The system behind it has proven successful with thousands of learners already. It is easy to understand, completely logical, free of contradictions and free of confusing language. It proves that English grammar can be reduced to a handful of rules – which are fun to learn and use.

A completely new look at the structure and usage of International English. To understand the structure takes but a fraction of normal grammar learning time. Students love the simplicity and effectiveness of the system.
A multi-sensory approach at learning and using the new grammar. It is challenging, entertaining and highly effective.

Trainer: Joachim Wester, D-56370 Bremberg; www.joachim-wester.de:

Trainer, writer, lecturer, designer. Has been a freelance TEFL trainer for the last 35 years. Many years of experience with Superlearning/Suggestopedia.   Developed Yuken Duit, an absolutely simple and clear grammar of International English – on a visiting card. Offers intensive English seminars to adults in the industry.





Workshop-Organizer: Christoph Weber, D-57632 Giershausen, www.weber-hiller.de

16 to 20 March 2015, 9 – 17 h

Participation fee: 350 EUR

Location: Germany, Limburg (near Frankfurt/Main)


All costs (travelling expenses, cost of food and accommodation, cost of conference) will be born by the EU. You don’t have to pay anything. The only requirement:

You must be a member of an education institution. And your education institution must make an application and a appropriation request at your National Agency.

Please notice: We cannot file an financial application for you. You and your education institution must do this by your own. We can’t give you financial support. As the course will take place in Germany, German participants won’t get financial support.

Please send your shapeless registration by mail until 31/12/2014 to erasmus-plus@weber-hiller.de. After that date an enrolment won’t be not possible any longer. We will send you a bill and further informations on 05 / 01 / 2015.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to write us an email: